Goomba Super Mario Bros Mario's Blacklist

by Lenny Lam

Beside Bowser and the Koopa Troopas, the Goomba’s are probably the most popular Super Mario enemies ever.

Goomba SMB

They debuted back in Super Mario Bros. in 1985 as the first enemies in the game and returned in almost all sequels and spinoff games tll today.

These little walking Mushrooms with teeth were only able to walk and not really a bit threat in Super Mario Bros. But their simple design made them to both loveable and unforgettable characters of the series!

Both illustrations here were not directly made for Mario’s Blacklist. We had a DRAW A GOOMBA Art Challenge for Fun in March 2014 though and used these two of the over 30 drawn Goomba’s.


Classic Goomba from SMB Redesigned Mario's Blacklist

by Felipe Escobar Bravo



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