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“Gloomtail was one of my favorite bosses in one of my favorite games, and I felt he didn’t get the attention he deserved. I decided to give him a slightly different redesign to make him look the way I would have liked :> I think it worked, and I’m glad you like it! Have a great day! :>”


Gloomtail is a big boss in the Palace of Shadow location from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and so big that we could never see his full body during the battle with him.

He attacks with breathing poison, uses his giant feet to stomp Mario and his party members and has one of the strongest attacks in the game with his Megabreath.


Malfey from the Lebanon delivered one of the darkest and scariest redesigns of a Super Mario character I#ve seen so far, this Gloomtail there in her take on him looks much more menacing than the original version but damn…I

am super fine with it! Loving it whenever we have very unexpected redesigns of the characters in our Blacklist Collaborations!




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