“I like KOF because when I was really young in the 90’s, I often got to visit my grandmother and uncle every summer, and he would always take me to a local arcade nearby for KOF. While having no gaming console of my own, that was one of the first fighting games I was introduced to. And it was the bomb!

I claimed the Hero XIII Team because I’ve been a fan of Kyo Kusanagi ever since I saw him back in the 90’s in the arcade. He’s a simple, confident, and straight-forward… Just an awesome character with cool deigns/appearances throughout the series. And to top it off with Pyrokinesis… HELL YEAH.

Then comes K’ Dash of 99′. Though he is a clone, he’s got his own style and personality that makes him unique. Other than that, he hits hard and fast (“Pure Violence” as they called it). K’ also has one of my favorite all-time animation sequence: Throwing his sunglasses across the screen, “translocates” himself in front opponent and BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA HIM/HER. I love it.

As for Ash Crimson, I wasn’t a fan at all for some time. Until XIII when standing still, they basically made him look like he just doesn’t care and shows no interest in fighting, which suits his personality way better in my opinion. The previous standing sprites were a bit awkward to me. Eventually I started to like him a bit more because of his true intention when XIII ended.
Also I just thought that his costume and the green flame (which I did like the bubbly texture and the colors) will add some bright colors the piece needs in contrast to Kyo and K’.”


Art and description by ExShen


KOF Hero Team  Ash Kyo and K'