Pagan from War Gods Game Art

Pagan from War Gods by Midway Games, back thanks to Jaggudada and our FGE Project!

I doubt many of you know played the fighting game War Gods or even know it, but it had some pretty nice concepts, characters and tried to be something like Mortal Kombat in 3D by using actors and digitize them as in MK but this time with the captured footage used as textures over 3D Models. The result was relative realistic looking 3D Characters and I wonder why this method was not used again after they gained a better technology and the experience. But War Gods was more a experiment and the gameplay itself not so good.

Its characters like Pagan, a sorceress who can use Medusa’s Head for a fatality are almost completely forgotten but one after another old fighting game character is getting tributed with illustrations by gamers like Jaggudada as part of our FGE Project, a dA Group Community Idea with the target to get more and more different fighting game characters drawn by group members.

Especially the rarely drawn ones as you can see in this artwork about Pagan.

Pagan from War Gods Photo