Hyrule WiiU

Let’s explore Hyrule again on the WiiU next year!

When Nintendo finally showed the next big Legend of Zelda on the E3 this year, one thing was clear. Hyrule will be a big place and it looks like there will be a very big focus on exploring the landscape of it!

Epona seems to be back as well and while the Loftwing in Skyward Sword was nice, I really look forward to explore the next generation of the Legend of Zelda on the back of her.


Rickey “Applfruit” Shine drew the landscape of Hyrule on the WiiU in a damn beautiful way I thought..which rises the hype level for the game even more!

“Hype for the new zelda revealed at E3! Saw the beautiful landscape and pony-tail link and had to draw. I wanted to go for hyper-detailed, and shoot for desktop wallpaper quality, but i don’t think i worked hard enough for it.”

I think you worked hard enough!

Zelda WiiU Hyrule