Ai NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

Last week I featured a fan art for the almost forgotten Mondo from Toshinden, today it’s about another damn unknown character who got just recently two fan arts when Karn Kirk Ratanasin claimed her for the FGE Project and drew her another time now with a fun twist which goes a bit deeper into her small backstory and her special moves.

  These were all including her NeoGeo Pocket which she can use to summon characters from other older SNK games like Last Resort or Burning Fight.

Something got wrong and she summoned nobody else than Sonic the Hedgehog. Fun Fact: There was actually a pretty good Sonic game for the NeoGeo Pocket which was sadly never ported to other platforms lately (as far as I know) Sonic Adventure Pocket was in my opinion the best handheld Sonic game to date and I bet that if copyright stuff would not be such an important issue often, Ai would have been able to summon him in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum as well!

Nice work @ KKR!