KOFXIII Women Fighters Mai King Yuri

KOF Tribute Women Fighters Team King of Fighters XIII Mai King Yuri

The Women Fighters Team  in the King of Fighters XIII: Mai, King and Yuri were drawn by Adrian M. Vaquerizo from Spain


“Well, to tell the truth I´ve never been truly interested in Kof until I first played KOF XIII, I mean, I knew the series before, I used to play Kof 95, 97, Art of fighting… but KOF XIII catched my eye, thereafter I rediscovered the series.

What I like about KOF is the richness of its backgrounds and the style and personality of its characters.

I chose Kof Xiii´s women team because of King, she´s my main and I wanted to do something special with her, it´s summer you know, why not a beach bar?
I´ve exploited Mai´s “hot chick” role but I wanted to represent more than just two huge tits and for Yuri I imagined a contemporary hippie/hipster young girl look.

For the characters in the background I chose clothing similar to their default apparels so they could be noticeable. “