KOF Tribute Saiki and Dark Ash from the King of Fighters XIII

The Main Antagonist Saiki and the final boss Evil Ash from the King of Fighters XIII, drawn by Mikhail M. “SerpentKingSaul” Moore

“My brother and I grew up playing a lot of fighting games together, we would even sometimes use it as a way to settle arguments, with KOF XIII we would play with Saiki, Ash or Dark Ash, in Street Fighter, Ken and Ryu, in Mortal Kombat Scorpion and Sub-zero and so on.”


Saiki is the main antagonist of the whole Ash Saga who tries to use Gaia’s will for his own means.

Ash Crimson who tried to stop him while he was fighting the currently winning trio of the King of Fighters tournament is able to prevent him from defeating the team completely but finds himself as the new host body for Saiki and “transforms” to Evil Ash which is the final boss of the game and looks like the normal Ash but with darker colors and much greater powers.

In the end Ash himself is still strong enough to erase both Saiki and himself from Existence.

Saiki Dark Ash Evil Ash