Mondo from Battle Arena Toshinden

Mondo, the Assassin from Battle Arena Toshinden 1-3, drawn by Eric DeSantis

From time to time I try to motivate artists which are members in my deviantART groups to draw totally forgotten video game characters of the past, like Zipperhead from Biofreaks as example and also the even older Battle Arena Toshinden character Mondo, a Japanese Assassin who fought with that long halberd weapon a good while before Seon Mi-na in SoulEdge 🙂

Eric DeSantis, a longtime GA-HQ contributor answered the call and created one of the very few illustrations for Mondo and also shared his own experiences with him and Toshinden:

“Back when the Playstation first arrived, I had already been working in games for some time. Our company had Playstation development kits, which by nature were region free.

As such, the hard-core gamers among us would often get import games as soon as they were available, since little to no game library had been established for the Playstation.

We got our hands on Toshinden, and I have to say back then it was a pretty big deal to “fight” in 3D. Up to that time the only 3D fighters out there were Virtua Fighter and Tekken– and truthfully as cool as they were those games played more like traditional 2D fighters.

Toshinden played more how SoulCalibur would, especially considering the weapons, and Soul Edge was still a year or so away.”

Mondo Toshinden