The Kim Team in the King of Fighters XIII: Kim Kapwhan, Raiden and Hwa Jai!

The Korea Team was always one of the funniest one in the King of Fighters games with Kim and Jhun as the believers of Justice and Chang and Choi being Criminals who have to suffer under Kim’s re-socialization programme and are still believing in their criminal ways of life.

Two former Fatal Fury characters from the early days of the series, the professional wrestler Raiden, formerly known as Big Bear too and the Muay Thai fighter Hwa Jai are replacing Chang and Choi but are smart enough to get Kim’s focus back to his former team members after the events of KOFXIII.

Our Illustration of the KIm Team was drawn by sriram from India who wrote the following about the team and KOF in general!

“I claimed this team mostly because of Hwa Jai and Raiden. I’m partial to wrestlers and muay thai practitioners in fighting games, especially when they have personality, which these two have lots of!

That said, I’m also a big fan of taekwondo – having practiced it for some time during my childhood – and by association Kim. This is my dream team made official!

“I like the KOF series because of the fluidity and the crazy pace of the fighting in KOF, the great mix of traditional, over the top, and quirky character designs and moves, the almost always awesome music, and all the little details – like the lively background art or the small changes to the gameplay system – that SNK puts into each game to give it a unique feel.

I’m not big into 2D fighters, but i enjoy playing KOF.”

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