K' Maxima Whip KOF 2003

K’, Whip and Maxima, the K’ Team in KOF 2003!

The old teacher of the Psycho Soldiers Team, Chin Gentsai visited K’ and Maxima since he had a bad feeling about the KOF Tournament in 2k3  and asked them to investigate the King of Fighters in his place. Whip who just finished another mission as a recruit of Heidern gets assigned to join K’ and Maxima..


K’s KOF 2003 Team was drawn by Clavgo who returned after participating in multiple other art collaborations on FGE /GA-HQ!

He wrote: The reason I wanted to join this time is I wanted to draw Maxima, since he shares seiyuu with Kamina. I sketched a lot of Maximas with Kaminas ‘s glasses too.
Besides, I think this team is more K’s team than the one with Kula.

KOF Tribute K' Team 2003 K' Maxima Whip




K' KOF 2003 Team Ending Art