K' Team King of Fighters XI

K’, Kula Diamond and Maxima, the new K’ Team in the King of Fighters XI

The K’ Team debuted in KOF’99 with K’ Maxima, Benimaru and Shingo and changed a bit at just every year but since KOF XI in 2005 it seems that K’, Kula and Maxima like to work together without any other outsiders 🙂

Like many KOF Teams each member represents a very different fighting style and personally I think this is the best team with K’ ever as well.

The Illustration to the right was also one of the first claimed teams and drawn by Doghateburger from the USA who joined FGE / Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations with his King of Fighter illustrations.

KOF Tribute K' Team K' Kula and Maxima KOF XI

KOF Tribute King of Fighters XI K' Kula Maxima

“I wanted to make it look like a series of 3 selfies taken by K’ in quick succession, during which something he’s not really expecting goes on between his team members just behind him ;)

Took stupidly long for a jokey piece: why oh why did I decide to draw the group 3 times instead of one?!”

Our second illustration of the KOF XI K’ Team was drawn by Ed Moffatt from the UK who is a GA-HQ Veteran already and participated in multiple of our projects!




KOF XI K' Team Ending