KOF Tribute Clone Zero and Original Zero King of Fighters

Clone Zero and Original Zero, the (former) NESTS Agents, drawn by Grapiqkad

After Krizalid was beaten during the KOF’99 tournament, another one of the higher-ups from the NESTS organization tried to use the tournament, Clone Zero, the final boss in the King of Fighters 2000 had its own goals however and betrayed NESTS.

Original Zero was extremely loyal to the organization and worked as the sub-boss before Igniz in the King of Fighters 2001. He has basically the same fighting style as Clone Zero but can summon his black Lion Glaugan as well as Ron and Krizalid as striker attacks.

He has also a few different and stronger special moves than Clone Zero.

Both characters did not appear in any later games beside the King of Fighters 2002 – Unlimited Match

Zero Original and Clone from KOF



Clone Zero Original Zero KOF King of Fighters