Orochi Team King of Fighters KOF

Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie and Chris, the Orochi Team from KOF’97!

Yashiro, Shermie and Chris, they debuted as the “New Faces” Team in the King of Fighters’97 and are also acting as the Orochi Team before Orochi himself is resurrected with their help.

Yashiro can control the earth, Shermie has new electricity based attacks and Chris can control blue flames for many attacks.

All three of them have actually different background music themes which are very fitting to the stage they have to be fought.

Sadly they only returned in the Dreammatch games (98,2002 and Neowave)

the Illustration of them was drawn by Eunnie-EV and was his first contribution to a FGE / GA-HQ Art Collaboration!

KOF Tribute New Faces Orochi Team Yashiro Shermie Chris KOF 97

KOF Orochi Team