King of Fighters 97 KOF97 Special Team Mary Billy Yamazaki

KOF Tribute Special Team King of Fighters Yamazaki Blue Mary Billy Kane  

I always liked the strange dynamic between these. Ryuji Yamazaki (left) and Billy Kane (right) are thugs for hire, while Blue Mary (middle) is an undercover officer just following their tracks. I’d imagine she’d often have to deal with the other two fighting, so this was born.

I liked the idea for this, but it didn’t come to life how I wanted it to. If all my artworks were my children, and if this one ran off to the circus… I wouldn’t be upset.
I wanted to try some old school comic-style art, but I just don’t really love it for some reason. Oh well, onto the next one!

 – Tom “2DForever” Waterhouse

After Billy Kane, the right hand of Geese Howard was beaten up by Iori Yagami (His Team Member together with Eiji Kisaragi) during the climax of the KOF’95 tournament and did not participate in ’96, he got the order to investigate the Orochi Blood in Humans.

He built up a Team with Blue Mary, known as one of the protagonists in Fatal Fury who was not knowing that Geese was being the mysterious benefactor who requested her tp keep an eye on the third team member,

KOF 97 Special Team

Ryuji Yamazaki who had Orochi Blood in his veins. Ryuji was asked to join KOF’97 by Billy Kane and he first refused and showed no interest, but after he felt an adrenalin rush through his blood he was willing to participate…and getting paid the double amount of the prize money by Geese.

During the events of the tournaments this Special Team has more problems with the other team members than with other participants in the end 🙂
The team never returned in this constellation except in the KOF Dreammatch Games 98 and 2002 

I was trying to draw a criminal line-up, although Mary isn’t really a gangster type, but I thought it’ll be interesting to see them disregarding rules and posing in a criminal line-up.

Remember everyone, anyone can wear a white fur coat, but it takes a certain badness to carry it off like Yamazaki does!


King of Fighters Special Team Ryuji Billy Mary KOF Tribute