I want this as a Variation for Scorpion in Mortal Kombat X

And there you go, if this kinda spooky design would not fit Scorpion in Mortal Kombat X I don’t know what else would!

As nice as his many Ninja variations are, Scorpion is a damn Zombie and should look like one sometimes. His different variations in MKX are all looking good and

especially his “Inferno” variation where he can summon a demonic minion would be even cooler if we would see the bare skull of Scorpion. But who knows, maybe they have already some awesome looking alternate costumes in development at Netherrealm Studios. Just hope it won’t be DLC!


This redesign of Scorpion was created by Letticia Maer, a big MK fan like myself who participated in our MK Art Tribute with multiple submissions and created a lot of excellent Mortal Kombat related fan art, I totally recommend you to visit her gallery here