Liquid Snake Metal Gear Solid 4 MGS4 Bust Art

We featured a Elizabeth cosplay of Angela Bermúdez from Costa Rica last year, this time she did something very different with this 11″ (28cm) length, resin, acrylic paints bust art of Liquid Ocelot (formerly known as Revolver Ocelot) from Metal Gear Solid 4.

This was her first sculpture artwork of that kind and after seeing it, it is no wonder that she is very proud about this. Damn she is quite a multitalent who does great cosplays, also draws and paints very good and now she is doing such sculptures as well.

Whats next? 🙂

You can actually commission Angela and contact her via deviantart or facebook

Have a look at her complete portfolio there!

Liquid Ocelot MGS 4