Mortal Kombat X Art Sub Zero vs Scorpion

Finally Sub-Zero gets a bit of spotlight since the first Mortal Kombat X Trailer was revealed a few weeks ago and Scorpion just killed Sub-Zero as usual.

And just a kouple of days ago, Netherrealm Studios released pretty nice wallpaper artworks of the new kharacters like Kotal Kahn and D’Vorah and also new Scorpion Artwork to illustrate the visible battle damage in detail, but Sub-Zero got nothing!

Esau Murga, a longtime Mortal Kombat fan like myself and creator of a damn nice series of Mortal Kombat artworks now made this one with Sub-Zero in the well-deserved focus!

He wrote the following to describe his latest piece:

“I thought I would join the party of MKX-related fan art. I had this idea in my head to paint but was going to wait. Then all the hype surrounding the new MK happened and I couldn’t help myself.

Originally I was gonna do it with MK9 costumes but I wanted to get everyone’s blood pumping with the new designs. Usually, an image like this would frustrate me but it practically drew itself.

The biggest trouble spot was Sub-Zero’s medallion, a stupid thing. Other than that It was total fun to work on.

I actually started it in Procreate on my iPad but all it was a black and white sketch. I imported it into Photoshop and took it to the next level. Oh, and I know Sunday’s aren’t my normal submission days.”