Stalblind ALBW

This is Stalblind, the boss of the Thieves Hideout Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

He is an undead Lorule version of Blind the Thief from ALTTP but the battle with him is very different and Link has to make use of his ability to hide himself as a painting on walls.

Like Joe Hogan, the artist behind our first isubmission of Stalblind illustrated in his work, you can actually use the big Shield of Stalblind to avoid his attacks + attack him from behind for an easy win! His attacks are all relative easy to dodge with the right strategy.

Stalblind LOZ ALBW Link's Blacklist


Stalblind Zelda ALBW LB

Our second Stalblind illustration comes from long-time GA-HQ Member Mike Williams from the UK who supported Link’s Blacklist with a good handful of artworks since the start of it already, he had the following to say about his work:

“I chose Stalblind this time around as I quite enjoyed the fight in A Link Between Worlds, plus the character design is somewhat out of my comfort zone. Still playing with colouring styles and I am very comfortable with what I can achieve now, just need to work on what should properly be where in terms of lighting.

Enjoy and I hope to be able to get in on more tributes in the future with my limited available time.”


Stalblind Battle ALBW

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