Garo Master Zelda Majoras Mask for Link's Blacklist

Our first Illustration of the Garo Master was drawn by Anna “Turtle-Arts” Earley who is on board Link’s Blacklist since June 2012 already! She described her latest work with the following:

My contribution to round 4 of Link’s Blacklist. For this round a picked the Garo Master from Majora’s Mask (my personal favorite Zelda game!) I would have liked to have done the regular Garo, but I didn’t want to do it right after doing the Poes before since they’re kind of similar looking, and by the time another round had gone by, someone had already done the Garo.

But nobody had taken Garo Master yet, so I figured I’d snatch him up… and throw in some cute little regular Garos for fun! :>



The Garo Master is a Mini-Boss in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and has to be battled in the Stone Tower Temple. He can be battled two more times, but these fights are optional. He is killing himself with a bomb in the optional battles as a form of Seppuku. He is described as a Garo General and Assassin by Tatl Garomaster 

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