Gemesaur King Zelda ALBW Link's Blacklist

This is the Gemesaur King Boss from the Dark Palace Dungeon in A Link Between Worlds.

He looks very familiar to the Helmasaur King back from A Link To The Past but he fights Link in a much more agile way, the visuals are basically the only details these two are sharing.

Link has to use three bombs to break the big Bone-Shield of the Gemesaur King, after that the Boss will try to confuse him by turning out the light. Good that Link can enlighten the room again with the help of the torches ..after that he must slash the head of the Gemesaur.


The Gemesaur King was drawn by Bleachbender who participated multiple times in Link’s Blacklist now.


Gemesaur King ALBW Screenshot 



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