Tifa FFVII Render

Tifa Lockhart is a fictional character from Final Fantasy VII (1997). She is one of the protagonists and accompanies Cloud through almost the complete game. She fights with her hands and feet instead of using another weapon than herself.

Tifa made it into most of the sequels and spinoff Final Fantasy VII games and was also featured in Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring as a fighting game character for the first time. Later she also made it into the Kingdom Heart series and as a playable character into Final Fantasy Dissidia 012.

Tifa Lockhart is till today one of the most popular Final Fantasy characters and I am pretty sure we will see her again in future games.


Tifa Lockhart from the Final Fantasy Games: an Overview

Charactername: Tifa Lockhart   Developed /Created by Square-Enix
Gameseries: Final Fantasy   First seen on: Sony Playstation 
First Game: Final Fantasy VII   Year first seen in: 1997 
Last Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020)
Role(s) and Characteristics: Protagonis, Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart Dissidia Art 

Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 (2011)




Tifa Dissidia 012 Classic

Classic Costume

Tifa Dissidia Amano Design

Amano Design 

Tifa Lockhart Dissidia Advent Children, Cowgirl and EX Designs

Advent Children, Cowgirl, EX Designs

These are the different costumes and designs for Tifa in Final Fantasy Dissidia 012



Tifa Lockhart in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Tifa Tribute 1 Tifa Tribute 2 Tifa Lockhart is a part of our Final Fantasy “Those Who Fight Further” Art Collaboration and was drawn by three different artists for it.



Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Tifa Lockhart


Tifa from FFVII

Tifa from FFVII

by Maribel M.

Tifa and Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII Game Art

Tifa and Red XIII

by Eric Ridgeway


Classic Tifa

by Accuracy0

Tifa Lockhart by Ticcy

Tifa from Advent Children

by Ticcy

Tifa Lockhart 7th Heaven Bar

Tifa in the 7th Heaven

by Siga4BDN


Sexy Tifa Cosplay

Tifa FFVII Cosplay

Cosplayer: Ha Nguyen

Photographer: Beethy

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Cowboy Costume

Tifa FFVIICC Cosplay

Cosplayer: Narga-Cosplay

Photographer: TaisiaFlygania

Tifa Final Fantasy Fighting Stance

Tifa Fighting Stance

by Accuracy0


Tifa Cosplay..its always beautiful..its always sexy..its always awesome…at least on Game-Art-HQ 😛


Older Works

Tifa Lockhart FF Advent Children

by B-AGT

Tifa Artwork

by B-AGT

Tifa Lockhart Art

by B-AGT

Tifa Final Fantasy VII Art

by Dan Howard

by Dan Howard

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Tifa

by Cedric Poulat

Tifa Lockhart FFVII Pin Up

by Cedric Poulat

Tifa Lockhart Pin Up Sexy

by Cedric Poulat


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