Reiko Mortal Kombat 4 Art

Reiko is a character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series and debuted in Mortal Kombat 4 (1997), the first 3D game of the series.

He is from Outworld and served both Shao Kahn and Shinnok, in his Mortal Kombat 4 ending he can be seen sitting on a throne and the helmet of Shao Kahn appears above his head, the animation ends with him looking almost like Kahn.

Reiko returned 2006 in Mortal Kombat Armageddon and got a huge redesign, both his visual look but also his moveset was changed a lot. He shares some visual elements with Shao Kahn now and also uses a Hammer as Weapon just like the Outworld Emperor.

In MK Armageddon’s Storys Mode he is serving Kahn and tries to get Taven to join the Outworld forces. In Mortal Kombat Deception he is not a playable character but appears in the Konquest mode where it is mentioned that he likes to sneak into Kahn’s Throne Room and wears his Helmet (lol)

Reiko did not appear in Mortal Kombat X or XI but played a role in the new Mortal Kombat Movie from 2021 actually. 


Reiko from the Mortal Kombat Games: an Overview

Charactername:  Reiko   Developed /Created by Midway Games later NetherRealm Studios
Gameseries: Mortal Kombat   First seen on: Arcades  
First Game: Mortal Kombat 4   Year first seen in: 1997 
Last Game: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006)   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Spiked Club, Crude Hammer
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi   See also:  



Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Reiko

Reiko Mortal Kombat 4 Art

Mortal Kombat 4 (1997)




Reiko in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Reiko Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4

Reiko Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Reiko Mortal Kombat Armageddon Alternate

Mortal Kombat Armageddon Alt.

Reiko is a part of our big Mortal Kombat Art Tribute and was drawn in all of the three different designs he had in MK4 and MK Armageddon


Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Reiko

Reiko from Mortal Kombat

Reiko the Outworld General

by Grapiqkad

Reiko from Mortal Kombat 4

Reiko from Mortal Kombat 4

by Kotasishere

Reiko from MKA

by Flavio Luccisano




Updates and changes in Reiko’s Game Character DB

24.06.2022 – Added Flavio’s Portrait of Reiko from MK Armageddon + small layout changes