Ivy Valentine, the popular and sexy Soul Calibur character and daughter of Cervantes de Leon was cosplayed by a lot creative and good looking cosplayers around the world already. Crystal Graziano did a good one as example, but also a lot not so known cosplayers tried to look like the tough and dominant Ivy.

But if there is anything which could be described as a GODDAMN flawless Ivy Valentine cosplay it is this one by the beautiful Giulia Presti from Italy. She and her photographer Paolo Cellammare created a series of wonderful photos with her as Ivy.

From the costume to the make up, the posing and stance and the lightning as well, just everything is 10/10 points material here!

Wonderful work Giulia, i look forward to your future shoots including moar Ivy Valentine cosplay.

I recommend visiting her full gallery at deviantart for more photos of her as Ivy.

Ivy Valentine Cosplay

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