Geldman from A Legend of Zelda ALTTP for Link's Blacklist


This is Geldman, one of the many minor enemies in Zelda A Link To The Past.

Geldman Zelda ALTTP

These enemies are first seen at the Desert of Mystery and just pop up nearby Link and move fast in his direction



In the game itself, those enemies are not that scary looking and relative small, so Ra-ooo changed their size a bit for our first illustration of these guys.

He wrote the following to describe his take on Geldman:

“I don’t know about you guys, but the way geldmans burst out of the sand unexpectedly, sometimes from directly under your feet, always made them feel a lot bigger and scarier and all-around generally worse than they really are XD That, and the concept art for them makes them way bigger and cooler than they appear in-game.

Alas you never get to stab one right in the eye as you sand-slide down its outstretched arm..~ Nor do you get to stand on one one’s face after it bursts out from beneath you haha”

Geldman Zelda

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