Telma and Louise

Welcome to Link’s Friendlist gallery for Telma, who was drawn by Ursula “SulaMoon” Dorada from Brazil, a long time supporter of our Legend of Zelda Art Collaborations!

Telma and her cat, Louise, are both minor side characters in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but both play a key role there for the progress of the adventure. The character design for Telma is interesting as it seems to be a reference to the Gerudo Clan from previous Legend of Zelda games.




Telma Twilight Princess Link's Friendlist 


Personal note about the image by me, the guy behind this website and the art tributes:

Goddamn WOW!

Sometimes I ask myself if these Art Collaborations are worth all the work and time invested by the artists and myself, but then there are artworks like this done, for free, to share the love and dedication. Images about minor characters like Telma, who probably will never appear in a future game, which look like someone paid hundreds of bucks for them just for a boss or a monster from a twenty year old Zelda game.

When I see something like that made, I know the whole Game-Art-HQ web project is the damn right thing to do.

Thanks again everyone for participating in our art collaborations and may many more follow.


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