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A warrior desires a sword, and a sword desires truth*


Link met many friends and reincarnations of them during his many adventures but who, or what, might be his biggest friend of them all is his most important companion: his sword.

In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link is accompanied by the helpful Spirit of the Goddess Sword, Fi, who functions as a guide for Link on his adventure.


Fi was, of course, one of the first characters claimed by artists for Link’s Friendlist and it took less than a day until three different artists were found who wanted to create a tribute to this damn great character and its design.

The artworks above were drawn by Anokazue, The Curaga and Stinawo.

All three of them worked on multiple submissions for Link’s Blacklist before and it was an honor to see them return for more art collaborations again!


*special credit goes to the guy from Namco who invented all these one-liners about Swords and Souls for the Soulcalibur fighting games

Fi Zelda Skyward Sword Art

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