Midna Twilight Form Link's Friendlist

Midna in her Imp Form by Folie-1618

Midna Human Form Link's Friendlist

Midna in her True Form by Unique-Legend

Midna Imp Form

Welcome to the Gallery of the Twilight Princess, Midna!

Midna is one of the main characters from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and I am glad we got three of three possible submissions for her in the first round of our new Link’s Friendlist project.

Midna has two very different forms in the game: her cute¬† Imp form, which you can see two times now, and her “true” form in which she looks more like a beautiful human woman.

The plan is to get her drawn by three more artists in the next round and have 3 takes on both forms in the end ūüôā

Midna Twilight Princess Link's Friendlist

Midna in her Imp Form by Ed Moffatt


Artists notes:

By Folie-1618

“I had a hard time thinking of ways to portray friendship and just ended up with this old fashion lending a hand gesture xD”

By Ed Moffatt

“This is my take on Midna, probably my favouritest Zelda character ever :]

I wanted to play with just using interesting shapes and outlines to create an image and suggesting detail with very few brush strokes, hence this rather different style to my usual stuff.”


Midna True Form 

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