Ilia Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Friendlist

Ilia – one of Link’s closests friends until…


… some terrible events happen in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

I really don’t want to spoil that part of the story here, so let’s focus on the artists who participated in the first round of Link’s Friendlist with their takes on Ilia!


The big image above was one of the first submissions to our project and drawn by GA-HQ newcomer Art-Zealot who was recently featured with a good handful of her other artworks in Game-Art-HQ!


The illustration to the right was drawn with traditional tools like watercolors and pencils and made by Rhafiel from Mexico who helped us build up Link’s Blacklist among other art collaborations already!


The last illustration of Ilia was drawn by Nyctale from Canada. Like Art-Zealot, she too also made her GA-HQ debut with her submission to Link’s Friendlist and I hope it won’t be her last one!

Ilia Legend of Zelda Link's Friendlist 

Ilia Links Friendlist 3

Notes by the artists:

 – Art-Zealot –

“I chose to illustrate Ilia from Twilight Princess for a number of reasons, mainly because I feel like this gal is seriously under-appreciated. That might be a misconception, I haven’t really done much research in the fanbase, but whatever the case may be, Ilia remains one of my favorite characters in the game, and this scene in particular is just a beautiful moment she shares with Link.”


– Rhafiel –

Ilia from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, I chose to make her because I really like the character and also, I usually don’t work like this piece (usually my line of work is more bizarre and somewhat creepy on occasions, I take the chance to extend an invitation to my gallery).

Well, I decided to represent the beautiful farm girl in her room, right at the beginning of the game, Ilia has been locked there and working like crazy without letting anyone get in, later in the game, you’ll get the Ilia’s charm a horseshoe shaped necklace-whistle that’s used  to call Epona, this is a gift of her to Link .



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