Before the new League of Legends characters  Yasuo and Jinx were revealed, Riot Games also announced a third new champion named Ao Shin, who would be a powerful wind dragon character. Only two concept artworks of him were shown yet and no release date was given. It can be, that this guy won’t be released in 2014.


The League of Legends Fan-Community however is big and dedicated, and a few fans already created fan art of Ao Shin already, have a look at our selection of quite awesome early artworks with him below!


This gallery will be updated with new official artworks and informations when they are available.

Ao Shin League of Legends

Early Sneap Peak Art of Ao Shin


Ao Shin Concept Art by Riot Games  

Animation Concept Art of Ao Shin the upcoming League of Legends Champion


Featured Fan Art of Ao Shin:

Ao Shin League of Legends by_dragonisaris

Ao Shin by Aris Dragonis

Ao Shin Fan Art LoL by Kytru

Ao Shin by Kytru

Ao Shin League of Legends

Ao Shin by Jerhaia-Tsukikitsune

Ao Shin League of Legends by_kyriadori

Ao Shin by KyriaDori