The Assassin’s Creed Series has become one of the most successful and popular  stealth /action game series on the current generation of consoles, and spawned around 10 different games including spinoffs now in 2013 with the Pirate themed ACIV getting released later this month on the PS3, XB360 and PC and the PS4,XBone and WiiU versions coming a bit later on the 21st November.

Thanks @ Ubisoft for creating these interesting games and characters like Altair, Ezio and Connor.

To celebrate the Assassin’s Creed series a bit here on Game-Art-HQ we hand-picked five outstanding illustrations by four artists who are all big fans of the games!



Performing an Assassination…

The first fan art comes from ciachechzko who started to draw Assassin’s Creed related fan art just recently. Including this llustration of Altair from the first AC performing an assassination.

Seems there will be more AC related fan art by her, and i look forward to see it 🙂


Ciachechzko is a hobbyist from Poland and describes herself as just a random person who loves drawing but i am pretty sure her watchers on dA won’t describe as that random. She also participated in the FGE Project multiple times and is a big fan of th Guilty Gear fighting games.

Altair Fan Art by_ciacheczko


This Doctor has two faces…

Doctor Assassins Creed by_lala_volpe

Malfatto the Doctor was a member of the Templars and known for killing courtesans

The Doctor is also an Animi Avatar which can be used in the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer modes and was also used Abstergo Industries to train the recruits in the first stage of their Animi Training Program.

The visual design resembled that of a doctor during the time of the Plague and he uses a syringe as his weapon.

Doctor Assassins Creed Fan Art by_lala_volpe

LalaVolpe from the USA called her two takes “The Good Doctor” and “The Bad Doctor” as a hint him having two faces (i guess)

LalaVolpe is a student from California and is a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed games and drew a lot of them. She also participated in our Link’s Blacklist!


 The Assassin’s Creed Info-Graph

assassins creed_infograph by_canadian_rainwater

This is a giant Info-Graph of all the events during the ACI-ACB games drawn and listed by Shamine Athena King.

This was made after Ubisoft Community Managers asked several artists to create an Info-Graph like this and the result is simply amazing.

I highly recommend to view this image in fullsize (just click on the image) to see all the many informations displayed there.


Shamine Athena King also known as Canadian-Rainwater from Singapore is a professional artist with the focus on Film and Animation and draws a lot of different things.



 Connor Kenway Portrait Art

Connor Kenway is the protagonist of the third main series Assassin’s Creed.

UniqueLegend, the artist behind this portrait art of him described it with the following:

“Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3. Just playing around with deeper texture settings than ever before to give off a more rugged look in the snowy environments. I haven’t had the chance to play the game yet, but it looks so good. o:


UniqueLegend from Australia is a professional artist who draws a ton of damn awesome Legend of Zelda illustrations, but from time to time she does something different for fun 🙂

She participated multiple times in our big Legend of Zelda Art Tribute: Link’s Blacklist as well.


Connor Kenway Portrait by_uniquelegend