Welcome back to the April of 1991!

When Codemasters was able to finally release Fantastic Dizzy (UK/Europe) / The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (USA) on the NES after a legal action by Nintendo because the Game-Master cheat device for the NES earlier.

The game is a pretty colorful platformer with the typical plot of a kidnapped girlfriend and the player has to rescue her while being Dizzy an egg-like protagonist with arms and legs.

What makes the game really unique among the many waves of platformers at that time is that Dizzy can’t eliminate his enemies actually!

There is no stomping on their heads, there are no guns, energy balls or something, instead Dizyy has to solve many puzzles in the levels to regain energy if he was hit before. To solve puzzles, Dizzy can and has to carry up to three different items at a time.

Fantastic Dizzy Screenshot

Years before Mario in his first 3D adventure, Dizzy also had to find Stars to get to the final confrontation with Zaks the evil wizard.

Fantastic Dizzy had relative poor sales with only around 125000 sold copies while Codemasters hoped to sell a half million. This was probably because the missed Christmas Season in 1990.

The game won the Parents Choice Award and was awarded as the best NES adventure game of the year 1991 by the Game Players Magazine.

 Fantastic Dizzy Fan Art

Fan Art of Dizzy Games is really rare and i doubt we can feature more

of them beside this one by SketchieGambit from the UK in the next future.

But who knows, next year we are going to feature more retro games

than ever in all 12 months due to an upcoming art project.


The Dizzy Series started back in 1987 already, the last official part of the series was released in 1992. There was an attempt by the developers of the original Dizzy games to revive the series via Kickstarter, but it missed its targets.


There is a small fan community however and the DizzyAGE engine which allows it fans to create games which are very similar to the original Spectrum Dizzy games. Over 70 games made with this engine are listed at the DizzyAGE website currently.


Fantastic Dizzy Screenshot


This is the only Dizzy Series related featured Fan Art as part of the Blast of the Past Articles.


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