Fan Art of the Hydra from the first God of War

Currently i am playing through God of War¬†for the first time…yeah..a bit late I know and everyone else played it back in 2005.


The first big Boss fight there with the Hydra was a real hurdle for me at the start, since it was not obvious for me how Kratos can defeat this giant mythical beast and hit the 2 smaller heads of it like mad with no success at all ūüôā


Took me a good while to understand that Kratos has to climb upon those boxes and use the harpoons to nail the (still moving) smaller heads of the hydra to the ground and climb up the mast to defeat the big one easily.


I am almost through that Pandora Temple now i think…wish i had more time for playing. God of War is still awesome in 2013!


This illustration of the Hydra boss fight was drawn by Purpleground02


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