Normally, the really great games are getting a lot of support by the fans worldwide, including indirect support through fan art by talented gamers who share their works online and with that, are making the games a bit more popular sometimes too.

The Legend of Zelda got many thousand beautiful fan art pieces, but also not so old series like the Last of Us or the latest Pokemon characters.

But LittleBigPlanet? The around 5 year old series around the Sackboy and his adventures to save the world and its creativity?

Nearly nothing..compared with most other successful games. Quite a shame since there are so lovely characters like Larry Da Vinci, drawn here by Melissa “TheMadlySane” Gabric from Canada.


LittleBigPlanet FTW! ūüôā

Larry Da Vinci Fan Art


Take a look at the few other featured LittleBigPlanet fan art pieces: