Badass Art of Super Mario by_joshuar summana Mario

A tale which was told over the course of over two years, just like the tale of this website now ūüôā

And what could be a better way to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of than to show you some epic game related art as usual and also feature another great artist?

Today it is Joshua Summana from the UK i want to introduce to you, while you have seen his Bowser or M.Bison illustrations previously here or on deviantART, here is his full great portfolio of game related art now!

I also asked Joshua to tell you & the world a bit about himself, his goals and also the background of the Heroes & Villains series by him.

Check also out the website he is drawing for often, known as a quite cool website with a very different focus than we here!

Warior Badass Art by_joshuar summana


Joshua Summana “A little bit about me hmm? I am a semi-normal human being and have a love for pretty much all things arty, geeky, musical and game-related. As for my background, I have had no formal instruction or tutoring for art (other than what is given as standard in high school).

My main inspiration and desire to get better was actually fuelled by the Crimson Daggers (Owners being Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren), a study group dedicated to getting better and staying motivated which is free and available to everyone! I have a long way to go personally before I reach my goals but I am enjoying the journey and again just want to thank all of those who have helped and supported me so far.

I do a lot of different projects for people on a freelance basis and right now I have been having a lot of fun doing the different Pixel Vision segments for 8bit Ego, an upcoming gaming media platform. You can see the videos here and/or go to the 8bit Ego facebook/site for more information. We are a friendly bunch of chaps and won’t bite too hard!

As for my goals in the industry I am hoping to simply, grow bigger as an artist. I love painting and creating so getting commissioned to do it is obviously a huge bonus. Like I said, I am always striving to move onwards and upwards.”


The Heroes:

Mega Man by_joshuar summana

Mega Man

Sonic the Hedgehog Art by_joshuar summana


Link LOZ Badass Art by joshuar summana


Donkey Kong Art by_joshuar summana

Donkey Kong

Regarding the Heroes and Villains pieces. Wow. An epic journey of frustration, love, coffee, anger and junk food. It started originally as a marketing project for my university and the aim of the project was getting exposure and creating hype for a project that nobody knew about. The characters in the Heroes and Villains were chosen pretty much from preference. Some of them were recorded and sped up into a time lapse which can be seen on the 8bit Ego Youtube channel and in the next couple of months we are thinking of putting prints out for sale (amongst many other original artworks). I am a massive gamer and these characters are what even got me into that side of things.

So yeah. That is a bit about me. Ta ta for now.

The Villains:

Dr Robotnik by_joshuar summana

Dr Eggman / Robotnik


M.Bison from Street Fighter


Bowser from Super Mario Bros.

Ganondorf the Badass by_joshuar summana


Badass Stages?  Yes Stages!

Joshua is also one of the few gamer-artists who are drawing the video game levels instead of their main characters.

These illustrations here about Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Bros show an great love for details and tribute the great stage designs of these games!

Sonic Green Hill Zone Art by_joshuar summana

Green Hill Zone

Blanka Stage HD SFII by_joshua summana

Brazil / Blanka Stage from SFII

Donkey Kong Country 2 HD Art by joshua summana

Bramble Blast from DKC2

Super Mario World Realistic by_josh summana

Super Mario Bros based



Last but not least…

Meat Boy by_joshuar summana

Meat Boy

Sackboy LittleBigPlanet 3 by_joshuar summana 


Sub Zero MK Portrait by Joshuar Summana

Sub Zero

Lara Croft by_joshuar summana

Lara Croft


That’s all from this great artist for now, if you liked what you saw here, visit his gallery on dA as well!