Phantoms Zelda PH for Link's Blacklist 

Phantom Zelda Phantom Hourglass

This is one of those pesky Phantoms in Zelda. Phantom Houglass, they are extreme powerful enemies and can neither spikes, fire or even lava can harm them.

The only good strategy to get around these foes is to make a sound with a bomb or the sword as example and lure them to a location where Link can run behind them to advance.

They are playable in the multiplayer battle mode.


Keikilani from the USA is a part of Link’s Blacklist since it started in Summer 2012 and returned now with her take on those Phantoms, she wrote the following about them and her work:

“Link’s Blacklist has been one of the few projects I’ve been involved with since the beginning, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it once again!! This time with the Phantom from Phantom Hourglass!!

These big baddies guard the Temple of the Ocean King from intruders, and get nastier and fiercer as you progress further into the dungeon. These guys are HARDCORE. Not only are they impervious to your sword, they can walk through spikes, fire, and even lava! – all to get to poor, poor Link. You’d better run fast fairy boy!! But do so quietly, because if the Phantom hears you, you’re dead.

These guys can be very, very scary. I remember playing through Phantom Hourglass when I was younger, and I could barely hold the stylus straight my hands would be sweating so much. Once you learn how to get around them though, it’s a bit less scary. *laughs*

Oh yeah, one more thing. That’s NOT a piece of the Triforce above him, it’s a Force Gem. If you don’t know what a Force Gem is, well, I have nothing to say to you. Go play Phantom Hourglass. *laughs*”



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