Ball and Chain Soldier Zelda Link's Blacklist


Ball and Chain Soldier Zelda ALTTP

As a Zelda fan since around 1992, i am super glad that Link’s Blacklist gave me the opportunity to create a big art collaboration for many artists who know and like the old Zelda games and its many different foes.

Seeing these monsters, dark soldiers and big bosses again, drawn with the tools of today and sometimes in a much more intimidating view than before in the actual games is often stunning and makes LB something so special.

The Ball and Chain Soldier from Zelda: A Link to the Past is the Guard of Princess Zelda when she is held in a prison below the Hyrule Castle.


This is the 2nd Zelda ALTTP submission by Carlzors who described his take on the Ball and Chain Soldier with the following words:

“I continued my choices from my favorite LOZ, A Link to the Past and chose the first “boss”. Ball and Chain Knight will always hold a special place in my heart considering he was the first “boss” type character I ever encountered in a video game that I purchased myself. Honestly I was a bit disappointed in how easy it was to man handle him, but when I first saw him I was like, “Ohhhhh damn.”

I had lost my wacom tablet pen, so when I got it in the mail about 3 hours ago I had to finish it up as quick as I could. There a couple sloppy parts, but overall I’m really happy with house this turned out! I hope you guys like it too!!!”

 Ball and Chain Soldier Zelda ALTTP Sprite

 The Ball and Chain Soldiers returned in so far six more of the later Zelda games, but with the exception of Four Swords Adventures they are all handheld Zelda games. Makes me wonder if we see this guy ever again on the big screen.

In Zelda ALTTP, he is like mentioned in the description above serving as the first little boss, but much later in the game the Ball and Chain Troopers appear in open fields and often in pairs too.

Ball and Chain Soldier Screenshot 

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