Wallmaster Zelda OoT for Link's Blacklist 


Like the Stalfos and the Bubbles, the Wallmaster is a recurring enemy class in the Legend of Zelda games.

Their Ocarina of Time form made them famous for being some of the most difficult and frustrating common enemies.

Navi Warning Wallmasters attack

These monstrous (cut-off?) hands are falling from the walls above Link, make an eerie sound and try to grab Link quickly. This would take Link back to the start of the dungeon or a specific room.

Our first artwork of the Zelda OoT Wallmaster was submitted by Know-Kname a currently 25 year old artist from the USA.

It is his first submission for a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration Project and was done for the third round of Link’s Blacklist in June 2013.



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