Grand Theft Auto Art by Patrick brown

This is a pretty old (2008) Grand Theft Auto fan art by Patrick Brown, but nonetheless still great and i wanted to feature it since quite some time. Now that Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming soon to consoles, i thought it is the right moment to give this gem some honors!

Patrick added a little description to his “GTA: Game of Legends” artwork, so read it:

“With GTA IV coming so close now, I just had to release some of the excitment :headbang: This pic took a while but it was worth it, I’ve learned a few new tricks while doing this :D

I’ve tried to make Tommy’s apartment exactly as it is, Actually i spent more time creating his apartment than the characters!

If you haven’t noticed I’ve actually added a few links to the series in this pic! (like Logger Beer)…

See if you can spot them all and tell me exactly what GTA game it’s from… HAVE FUN!”


This is not the only GTA Artwork by Patrick Brown, you can see a few of the others on GA-HQ too:

Grand Theft Auto V Franklin Trevor Michael by Patrick Brown Grand Theft Auto V by Patrick Brown Grand Theft Auto V Art