Back in the PSX era, a new hero entered the hearts of millions of gamers with Solid Snake and the epic Metal Gear Solid.

Solid Snake also returned in MGS2 but in 2004 his genetically father, known as Naked Snake or just the “Big Boss” got the main role in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

The third part of the tactical espionage game series played long before the two previous MGS games, back in the sixties when Naked Snake was sent to the USSR to meet a scientist there.

Lala-Volpe, a 22 year old artist from the USA just played through MGS3 this summer and decided to create this nice illustration of Naked Snake.

Lala was featured here on GA-HQ before and is also a part of the group of artists which created Link’s Blacklist here on Game Art HQ!

Naked Snake MGS3 by_lala_volpe


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