Midna in the Zelda Wind Waker Art Style by Malfey



Midna as DLC or a new sidequest in the upcoming HD version of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo WiiU?

If done in such a style like in this drawing by Malfey, a (currently / August 2013) 16-year-old artist from Lebanon who participated with multiple entries in our big Link’s Blacklist art project and is one of the youngest artists featured on Game-Art-HQ, Midna from Twilight Princess could be a new and super fitting character in the cartoon style of Zelda WW.

To 99% we won’t see that ever, but at least we got a feeling how Midna could look thanks to this fan art which was once made as a birthday present for another artist on deviantART.

You can see more of Malfey’s works at her gallery there.

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