Super Smash Bros WiiU by Hanzo Steinbach

Super Smash Bros. WiiU is in the talks since the WiiU was announced at the E3 back in summer 2012 already and really many of us fans of the Smash Bros. games were happy about seeing it.

The biggest surprise however was that the good old “Blue Bomber” better known as Mega Man from Capcom made it into the roster after his mediocre appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken and many cancelled games like MegaMan Legends 3. Glad he is in and he + his stage are looking quite awesome and fun.

Hanzo Steinbach, from Germany like myself and also a big gamer ..but one with the talent to draw games and their characters drew this “What If” Scenario of a new Super Smash Bros. game roster back in May 2011 already, over a year before Mega Man was revealed to be in the upcoming WiiU game.

He also added Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy, but that one will stay a Dream-character it seems..and so far nothing is known about Sonic and Solid Snake being returners as well.

Smash Bros WiiU Mega Man

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