Dairou MK Deception Bio Profile Alternate

Dairou MKD Bio Alternate

Dairou MK Deception Ending Art 2

Dairou MKD Ending Art 2

Dairou MKD Teleport

Dairou Teleport

Dairou Mortal Kombat Deception Alternate Costume for the MK Tribute


I liked Dairou’s alternate design in Mortal Kombat Deception more than his standard one but the character design in general really lacked, he got also one of the shortest endings ever in a MK game.

“I emerged from the prison a changed man. No longer would I follow orders of the Seidan. Neither could I bring myself to give into Chaos. Instead, I opted to serve myself.

I became a mercenary, a warrior for hire, and have become revered in Orderealm’s secret underground. My neutrality has been put to the test, however, as my current contract is to find and kill my former guardsman, Hotaru.”


Normally Dairou took no risks and ambushed those he had been hired to kill. But in this case, he felt compelled to announce his intentions to kill his fellow Guardsman, Hotaru. There still must have been some code of honor left in his cynical heart.

Hotaru was defeated… but before Dairou could reveal who had commissioned the attack, Hotaru drew his dying breath.”


Dairou from Mortal Kombat Deception was drawn by Grace-Zed

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