Kung Lao MKDA Alt Bio

Kung Lao MKDA Alt. Bio

Kung Lao MKDA Ending 2

Kung Lao MKDA Ending Art 2

Kung Lao MKDA Alt Broadsword

Kung Lao with the Broadsword

Kung Lao Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Alternate

His alternate design in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance was once meant to be his standard one and I wish they would have went that route since it looks a lot more like his traditional design even when it is more colorful. Kung Lao just needs to wear his hat all the time ūüôā


Kung Lao traveled to Outworld and informed the martial arts master, Bo’ Rai Cho, of Liu Kang’s death at the hands of the sorcerer Shang Tsung. Devastated by the news, the old master agreed to teach Kung Lao the flying kick Liu Kang had used to defeat Shang Tsung a decade ago.

The training was intense, but Bo’ Rai Cho was determined to give Kung Lao a greater edge than he had given Liu Kang. Once Kung Lao had mastered the ‘Whirlind Kick’, both he and Bo’ Rai Cho journeyed across Outworld to deal with the sorcerer Shang Tsung.


In his ending in MKDA, Kung Lao is able to defeat Shang Tsung once and for all using the techniques he learned from his master Bo Rai Cho.

Rage fueled Kung Lao’s thirst for revenge. The memory of holding his fellow monk’s broken body on the lei tai of the Wu Shi Academy grounds consumed him as he rained blow after blow down upon Shang Tsung.

Kung Lao had finally mastered the attack Bo’ Rai Cho had taught him. The sorcerer could not withstand his whirlwind assault. Shang Tsung begged for mercy. Kung Lao granted him none.

Upon his return to Earthrealm, Kung Lao stood before the modest shrine to Liu Kang which had been erected by the Wu Shi initiates during his absence in Outworld.

He lit a stick of incense and placed it among the others already burning there. He bowed his head and prayed for safe passage to the afterlife for his friend and brother. With Shang Tsung’s death, Liu Kang’s spirit could rest peacefully. Earthrealm was safe once more, but at terrible cost. The work of the White Lotus society had become more important than ever.


Kung Lao in his alternate Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance design was drawn by Argeiphontes

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