Kenshi MKDA Bio Alt

Kenshi MKDA Alt. Bio

Kenshi MKDA Ending 2

Kenshi MKDA Ending 2

Kenshi looks like Ryu in MKDA

“Ryu” Kenshi

 Kenshi Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Alternate

Kenshi in his alternate unlockable design looks very different and almost like a older version of Ryu from the Street Fighter games. This costume was not used in the later games.


Years ago, the rogue swordsman Kenshi wandered Japan to challenge the greatest warriors. His purpose in life was simply to be the best. Shang Tsung, however, had discovered Kenshi’s true heritage as a descendant of a long forgotten line of warrior kings. The sorcerer desired to consume the souls of those warrior kings and tricked the unknowing Kenshi into releasing them from their tomb, an act which left him blinded. Shang Tsung consumed the souls and left Kenshi to die in the tomb.


In his MKDA ending, Kenshi is able to feww the souls of his ancestors and kill Shang Tsung.

Kenshi had finally caught up with Shang Tsung in Outworld. Years ago, Kenshi had been manipulated into releasing the souls of his warrior ancestors. Shang Tsung had consumed those souls and left Kenshi to die in the tomb. The ordeal left Kenshi blinded, but the sword of his ancestors led him out of the depths.

To redeem himself, Kenshi had vowed to free his ancestors from their captor. He cut Shang Tsung down with his ancestral sword and a blast of souls was instantly released. The spirits of the warrior kings reentered the sword as Kenshi held it above his head. His duty fulfilled, he could now return to Earthrealm.


Kenshi from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance was drawn in his alternate design by Grace-Zed

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