Setsuna from Last Blade 2 by_edgekagami

Some of you might know it…and the majority probably not but beside running this website and its dA group i am also administrating the deviantART group Fighting-Games-Elite and organized some of our GA-HQ Projects from there as well.

There is also one art collaboration however which is to almost 100% exclusive to least officially since its difficult..and quite useless too to try that the art is not shared /copied on other places online.

As a big fighting game fan since SF II and MK back in 1992 i organized a quite crazy art collaboration there on FGE about drawing just all kinds of fighting game characters.

Over 100 of them were drawn now already ranging from the popular Street Fighter or Tekken characters to those really unpopular ones like Toshinden, Kensei and even Pit Fighter guys.

You can see the growing gallery on dA here

In June, the Focus was to get more of these pretty unpopular video game characters illustrated by the fans, and one of them claimed Setsuna from Last Blade II.

A really cool guy from a damn great but short fighting game series by good OLD SNK.

This project is about the fun of drawing fighting game characters and it grows and grows and gets really awesome art like that Setsuna one here by EdgeKagami who is from Singapore and draws all kinds of stuff including a funny series of chibi versions of some of the Dynasty Warriors characters.

To visit his gallery on dA, just check out this link