Clicker Last of Us Art by_thomas wievegg

The Last of Us is getting compliments and great ratings just everywhere and its a game i will pick up sooner or later as well

But damn..these infected humans called “Clicker” in the game which are blind but dangerous enemies look more disgusting than anything i have seen before in a Resident Evil game and maybe even the Silent Hill ones!

Thomas Wievegg from Sweden who drew this scary illustration of one of those Clickers mentioned that even he himself was disgusted while drawing this 🙂

So i just had to feature this one here 🙂


Thomas is a professional artist and draws since at least eight years already, if i would not have known this Clicker is a fan art, i would have thought its a official artwork actually.

Thanks for making and sharing this beautiful creation, i think its a big contrast to the most of your other works shown on dA which are more about the usual SciFi and Fantasy Themes!

@ anyone else, check out his gallery!