Darkstalkers Resurrection BB Hood Render

Baby Bonnie Hood drawn by Stanley Lau for Darkstalkers Resurrection

Baby Bonnie Hood (Bulleta in Japan), often called just B.B. Hood is a character designed by Yoshiki Okamoto for Capcom which debuted in Darkstalkers 3 in 1997

BB Hood Darkstalkers 3

Darkstalkers 3 (Arcade)



Baby Bonnie Hood Cannon Spike 

Cannon Spike (Arcade)


Marvel vs Capcom 2

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B.B Hood was introduced to the Darkstalkers fighting game series as the first complete human.

While her fighting style is very unique and mostly based on all kinds of weapons she seems to be one of the most unpopular Darkstalkers characters.

Beside her main role as a fighting game character she made also an appeareance in the Arcade and Dreamcast shooter Cannon Spike as a hidden character.

Her visual design seems to resemble the fairy tale character “Little Red Riding Hood”. In the Darkstalkers games she is a special agent, her real name is unknown.


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B.B.Hood from the Darkstalkers Games: an Overview


Baby Bonnie Hood

Bulleta (Japan)

  Developed /Created by Capcom
Gameseries: Darkstalkers   First seen in: Arcades 
First Game:  Darkstalkers 3   Year first seen in: 1997
Last Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2000)   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Lots of Guns
Additional Tags:  Based on a Fable Story   Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Talbain (Enemy)   See also:  


Official Art and the development of Baby Bonnie Hood from Darkstalkers 3, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Cannon Spike

BB Hood Darkstalkers 3 Art

BBH DS 3 Art

Darkstalkers 3 (1997)

Capcom’s Darkstalkers fighting game series was mainly about horror and myth characters like Vampires and Werewolves or Frankenstein’s Monster, but in Darkstalkers 3, the character designer Yoshiki Okamoto wanted to have a character in Darkstalkers 3 which would be a monster like the other characters as well, but be a human and look innocent and cute. In the game she is always accompanied by her pet dog Harry who is not involved in the attacks though.

BBHood Darkstalkers

He designed Baby Bonnie Hood, known as Bulleta in Japan. A character who looks like a young girl on her way to bring her grandma some fresh bread and wine…who would know that this girl is instead a “Dark Hunter” with a heart so dark that the boss of Darkstalkers 3, Jedah would pull her into the “Majigen” the alternate place where the Darkstalkers reside.

Instead of feeling scared of being surrounded by the Darkstalkers, she sees it as a opportunity and a “big job” and wants to fight and hunt all the Darkstalkers including Jedah Dohma himself.

While the most of the Darkstalkers characters use their bodies as weapon, B.B. Hood uses all kinds of weapons ranging from Uzi guns, Landmines, Bombs, Grenades, and even a Rocketlauncher ..in one of her super specials she is getting help from two other “Darkhunters” with the names John and Arthur.


Promo and Concept Art of Baby Bonnie Hood from Darkstalkers 3 and its remakes:




BBH Capcom Design Works Art

Baby Bonnie Hood DS3 Render

BBH Rendered from DS3 Poster Art

Darkstalkers Resurrection BB Hood Render

DS3 Resurrection

 BBHood_Concept_01 BBHood_Concept_02  BBHood_Concept_03  BBHood_Concept_04 


Cannon Spike (2000)

BB Hood Cannon Spike

Official BBH Cannon Spike Art

Baby Bonnie Hood is one of the playable characters in the arcade shooting game Cannon Spike released once for the Sega Dreamcast. To select her, the player has to move the cursor right from on the player select screen.

In Cannon Spike, the characters don’t have real background stories (as far as i know) but they have endings at least, B.B.Hood has at least 2, her own one and another one if she teams up with Cammy White via the two player mode.



Below you can see some of the images of her ending:

BB-Hood-Cannon-Spike-Ending BB-Hood-Cannon-Spike-Ending 2 BB-Hood-Cannon-Spike-Ending 3


B.B. Hood in Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2000) and SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millenium (1999)

BB-Hood-Marvel-vs-Capcom-2-Official Art

Official BBH MVC2 Art

B.B. Hood is a unlockable character in both games, and while she has no back story in MVC2 (like just all characters) SNK added a fun background to BBH in SNKvsCapcom MotM which ends with her getting saved by Yuri Sakazaki from Art of Fighting / KOF.

In MVC2 a lot of her attacks got additional explosions, in SNKvsCapcom her fighting moveset is almost the same as in Darkstalkers 3.

Baby Bonnie Hood was featured in all the Card Fighting Games by SNK and Capcom through cards as well and she had cameo appearances in Capcom Fighting Jam or Marvel vs Capcom 3 but was not playable again in any newer game yet


Official BBH MVC2 Art

B.B.Hood Artworks by Jorge Molina Manzanero and others made for UDON and the UFS Card Game:

Baby Bonnie Hood Darkstalkers Udon UFS 1 Baby Bonnie Hood vs Talbain Darkstalkers Udon UFS 2 Baby Bonnie Hood Darkstalkers Udon UFS 2
Baby Bonnie Hood Darkstalkers Udon UFS 5 Baby Bonnie Hood Darkstalkers Udon UFS 4  Baby_Bonnie_Hood_UFS_Card_by_rafael ventura

So far there are no Darkstalkers and B.B.H related Game-Art-HQ Art Projects planned..never say never on this website though!


 Featured B.B.Hood Fan and Cosplay Art:

Buletta__Baby_Bonnie_Hood by Sean Lenahan

by Sean Lenahan

Baby Bonnie Hood Darkstalkers by_kilayman

by Kilayman

Baby Bonnie Hood is one of the least drawn Darkstalkers characters, but compared to many other game characters she is still getting a lot attention through drawn art as well as through cospplayers around the world!

As usual i try to show and feature some of the maybe best illustrations of her here on Game-Art-HQ in cooperation with the artists behind these works.


by Chekydotstudio


 Selected B.B.Hood Fan Art & Cosplays:

Baby Bonnie Hood by_jennduong

Bonnie Hood by Jennifer Duong

BB Hood Darkstalkers by Nate Stockman

by Nate Stockman

Baby Bonnie Hood by_bunbun_da_bunni

by bunbun-da-bunni

Baby Bonnie Hood Art by Mek0

by Mek0

BB Hood Darkstalkers Udon Tribute by Ralph Niese

by Ralph Niese

Chibi Baby Bonnie Hood by_chelostracks

by Chelostracks

Bulleta Darkstalkers by_CallMePo 

by CallMePo

BB Hood by NinjaInk

by Team NinjaInk

Baby Bonnie Hood by Galibo

by Galibo

BB Hood and Jon Talbain by Galibo

by Galibo

Darkstalkers BB Hood Comic Art by_destructorv1

by Destructorv1


Selected and featured B.B.Hood fan art where she is together with other characters:

Darkstalkers BBH vs Victor by Wenart Gunadi

by Wenart Gunadi

B.B.Hood and Talbain from Darkstalkers by M. Ansar Ali

 by M. Ansar Ali

BB Hood and the Darkstalkers by Peter Nguyen

by Peter Nguyen

Darkstalkers Udon Tribute by Christian Nauck

by Christian Nauck



What Gamers like you and me think about Baby Bonnie Hood the evil girl from the Darkstalkers games:

 First time i played a Darkstalkers game was Vampire Saviour EX Edition, more known as Darkstalkers 3 for the Playstation. I was amazed by its beautiful 2D graphics, the very colorful cast of characters and their often screen filling attacks.

Baby Bonnie Hood stood out in this cast as being the only characters looking like a normal human..like a small innocent girl even but than you press the buttons and she suddenly starts to use guns, grenades, bombs, and even a missile launcher ..gets support of some bug guys, shooting everything they have at B.B Hood’s enemy and make her one of the funniest characters in the whole Darkstalkers series.

Her being an evil version of little red hood was a genius design and it would be a damn shame if she would not appear in a new Darkstalkers game…if we ever see one. During creating this article here, i saw that she is one of the least drawn Darkstalkers and it was not easy to gather some of the maybe best examples of fan art about here together for Game-Art-HQ. Hope this changes a bit when we have a Darkstalkers related art project sooner or later here! B.B.Hood is awesome!

 Review / Opinion by the GA-HQ Admin Reinhold “GBK” Hoffmann

 B B Hood

‘Ah, Baby Bonnie Hood. To wit, she is the counter to John Talbain in concept and in gameplay. Any button-mashing idiot that tries to out-speed her, when she’s controlled by even a moderately skilled player, is bound to face a quick defeat.

I know, I’ve tried… ^_^; What she is is a tactical character, manipulating a mix of traps, quick hits and even built in fake-outs to catch an opponent off-gaurd. Alternatively, I’ve seen her played defensively, which is also a spectacular sight. Plus, the themr of her is hilarious. Certainly, no one expects that special of hers the first time they play against BB Hood. Or with her, for that matter. She’s not in enough games, in my opinion; she would have felt right at home in Tatsunoko, for example. Her and Anakaris. They’re just too awesome.’

 Review / Opinion by the FGE member Admin AngelicDirt


If you know Informations about Baby Bonnie Hood, or great (fan/cosplay) art which is not covered here yet, or you want to write about her/review her here as well, just write a comment!