Since August 2011 we are organizing art projects related to video games of different kinds like some related to a specific game or game series, others to a specific part of video games or to a specific video game character type.

Our art projects are organized here and on deviantART at our Game-Art-HQ group there, they are only published here on the website though and not featured as a whole anywhere else. Multiple websites like Kotaku, Eventhubs, Destructoid, Chip, ZeldaDungeon and many more worldwide. Artists are getting credited, and often they are featured with the target to let people know why they participated in our projects and what they have to offer.

On this page, you can see the current art tributes, their rules and targets and you can claim to participate in them here via a comment or use the links to Blogs (Journals)  on deviantART and comment there if you want to participate!


The Projects and their purpose and background

Rules and Links

Link’s Blacklist June 2012 – Open ended

Third Round starts on 02.06.2013 – ends on 31.08.2013

This is the probably most popular Art Project by GA-HQ till today. The big target is that somewhen in the future all the many different Monsters and Bosses of the Legend of Zelda will be illustrated by talented artists who are fans of the games.

Over 110 different characters are covered in this tribute so far by around 80 artists, the artworks are parts of articles about each Zelda antagonist where they are illustrated with texts, screenshots and official art as well.


Link’s Blacklist Round III Rules:

The third Round of Link’s Blacklist is open for 40 artists like the previous rounds too. To give new artists a chance, only up to 25 artists who participated in previous Game-Art-HQ Art Projects are allowed to join it.

Contributors have a deadline ranging from the 2nd June up to the August.

Contributors can also choose an already drawn enemy/boss.

Artists who never participated in a Game-Art-HQ Tribute before have a shorter deadline, ranging from the 2nd June till the 31st July

To make sure that not only bosses are getting drawn, only 10 bosses can be claimed in this round. 5 by contributors, and 5 by new artists. the other 30 spots are for enemies. It is possible that an artist can claim a 2nd character of his choice however after the claimed character is submitted. The deadline is the 10th September for the second claims.

If you want to participate in LB Round 3, either comment directly here or on dA at this journal



The Mortal Kombat Tribute September 2011-till all characters are drawn in all designs

The MK Tribute once started with the goal to draw all different Mortal Kombat series characters.

This goal was reached in january 2012 after only 3 months of organizing this first big GA-HQ project.

In June 2012 we continued this project with the giant target to get all the different designs for the Mortal Kombat characters drawn by fans of the series, this meant around 10 different fan illustrations for characters like Scorpion and Sub Zero.

It meant that 299 different chracter designs are needed to complete this project. Currently in Mid May 2013 around 260 of the 299 are claimed and/or drawn only 33 spots are available. To see which ones, visit this journal on deviantART. To participate, you can either comment here or there.