Trinexx Zelda 3 for Link's Blacklist

 Trinexx is the boss of the Turtle Rock Dungeon in Zelda: A Link To The Past and some sort of a turtle with three heads. The left one spits fire, the right one breathes ice which causes Link to lose his traction. To harm these heads, Link needs to stun them with the Fire and Ice rods and attack them with his sword afterwards which causes its shell to explode and reveal the snake like body of Trinexx. To defeat this form, Link must attack the orb in the center of its body three times with his sword.


Our first submission of Trinexx was drawn by Mike “Sarrus” Wiiliams from the UK who participated with multiple submissions to Link’s Blacklist already, check out his Dark Link from OoT and Demise from Skyward Sword as well!


 Trinexx Zelda ALTTP


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